How A Small $9 Monthly Investment Can Pay Big Dividends For Your Online Selling Business

The easiest way to understand the value I'm trying to offer here is with an example.

Earlier this year a subscriber reached out to tell me about a deadline they had missed. The deadline was an unofficial one and related to getting seasonal inventory shipped to FBA in time to be shipped before that holiday.

They either forgot about it or had the dates wrong, but the important part of the story is that the inventory got to the FBA warehouses late and sales were a small fraction of what they would have been if they were on time.

The seller estimated that they missed out on a couple thousand dollars worth of sales because of this and anticipated having to remove the items to relist next year due to the highly seasonal nature of the items they were selling.

eCommerce Insider Pro is about a lot more than dates, but this is one way it will help you increase your profits and get more out of your time.

It's part strategy guide, part sales breakdown, part experiment update from my business, and part random musings from a 7 figure online seller.

Each month, I'll be sharing my game plan and giving you a list of important things to make sure you are thinking about and taking action on. If you've ever looked back and wished you would have done something sooner, this will help.

If you want help taking time each month to step back and think about big-picture strategy, this will help.

If any of this interests you, join now and help me shape the future of this newsletter by submitting feedback and letting me know what you are interested in.