Sell something first.

Instead of investing thousands of dollars into getting started, here's a different plan that will increase your odds of success:

Sell something first.

This is the philosophy behind our intro challenge.

There are a million questions to answer and tasks to complete on your path to success. Getting bogged down trying to figure them all out is likely stopping you from ever starting in the first place.

The goal of the Challenge is to help you focus on the most important thing at all times during your first 30 days. 

Step one is to sell something.

Everything else is secondary to this first goal. Until you sell something, you don’t have a business.

Once you sell something, you are quite literally in business.

Here is a small list of things that almost everyone asks in their first few days of seriously thinking about trying “online retail”.

  • What is the best thing to sell?
  • Where should you sell?
  • Should you incorporate?
  • What about taxes?
  • How do you deal with competition?
  • What if I don’t even like it?

We’ll help you deal with all of this and more - but the point remains, you need to sell something first.

There is time to worry about getting wholesale accounts and building your own brand later. For now, let's get you familiar with the platforms and get some money flowing in.

If this is a philosophy you can get behind, you’re going to love this Challenge.

Start the Challenge right now.

We're currently offering an on-demand replay of a recent live challenge for over 70% off the original price.

You'll get access to all the same lessons - but you get to start right now instead of waiting.

Why we focus on results while everyone else is focusing on shortcuts…

How many times have you thought about a business model - maybe even invested in a course - but have failed to generate a profit?

One of the biggest challenges facing wanna be entrepreneurs is the unrelenting press from people that want to sell you on a shortcut to success.

We call the difference between what we advocate for and what most of our competitors advocate for the Stairway vs Elevator difference.

To understand this difference, you first need to appreciate what is possible in the long run.

Because in the long run, online retail offers some incredible advantages:

  • Online retail offers a huge income potential. Earning a “living” from online retail is just the start - many sellers go on to take home 6 figures + per year in profit. No matter what your long term goals are, it's highly probable they are within the reach of an online retail business.
  • You can automate and outsource your business to free your time for vacations, family, or long afternoons in your hammock. Success with online retail means developing great management and organizational skills. This model, more than perhaps any other, allows you to remove yourself from the day-to-day operations over the long run and let your business run itself. I have gone on multiple months-long trips over the past few years and my income didn’t fall because of it.

The “Elevator” models for getting started with online retail tell you that you can unlock these benefits quickly - if you just follow their proven success formulas.

But here’s the problem - the Elevator skips a bunch of steps where you are gaining experience, skills, and capital that are required to unlock the benefits of the higher steps.

Let’s back up a minute and explore our “Climb the Staircase” mentality. 

Essentially, we believe that no matter what business model you are looking at, there are a series of stages or steps that you must progress through to go from a novice to a skilled practitioner.

This applies even to trades.

One of the most successful “development” programs that ever existed was the apprentice system of the middle ages.

Novices were paired with highly skilled tradesmen and spent years learning and perfecting the art of their craft until they too were considered tradesmen worthy of conducting business.

Back then, an average apprenticeship lasted 7 years

Nowadays everyone is looking for a solution that takes them from broke to a millionaire within just a few months.

If you want results that large that fast, your odds are probably better off if you just go buy a lottery ticket.

As you watch all the success stories that gurus like to flaunt, think about the fact that the lottery could do the same thing and have 10 times as many testimonials.

“I’m so glad I took a chance on this program. I showed up, paid the money, and now I’m a millionaire.”

Doesn’t change the fact that 99% of people didn’t win and lost money.

The same is true for many online business models - especially the “elevator models”.

If you are interested in online retail, here is the Stairway model we propose as an alternative to the elevators:

The elevator models want to skip you ahead to placing bulk orders via wholesale or private label.

The problem with doing that is there are a ton of skills, knowledge, experience, capital, etc.. to be gained before you can do that with good odds of success.

Unless you are starting with $5,000+ in capital you can dedicate exclusively to your business, or have a lot of experience, we recommend starting at the first step.

There are three ways to gain that experience. One is to go get a job working for someone doing it successfully, study their methods for a year or two, and then apply it yourself.

The second is to accept the risks and try it without the experience. You are more likely to lose money early on like this, so this option is more viable for people with more money.

The other is to start with flipping and arbitrage.

Here are the benefits of doing this:

  • You can start right now - this very moment. Rather than learn how to approach suppliers as a complete beginner or try to place orders from China, the flipping and arbitrage steps allow you to focus on Selling Something First. Our default recommendation is to start with something you already own and no longer want, that way you can get something listed on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace in the next 5 minutes.
  • You can be Profitable from Day 1. Most aspiring entrepreneurs are driven to start a business partially because they want to be earning more money. Something that often goes along with that is not having a lot of disposable income to start with. Can you really afford to invest thousands of dollars without knowing you will see a profit? Even if you have the money in the bank, what would it do to you to lose that? By starting small with individual products with proven demand, you will be seeing a profit on your investments from the very beginning.
  • You can focus on products you KNOW are currently selling. With flipping and arbitrage, you aren’t trying to find the “next big thing” or a not-quite-saturated niche. You just need to find a product you can acquire locally that sells for more online. There are many, many, many more examples than you probably think. My business does over 7 figures in sales from locally sourced products every year.
  • You can gain the capital and experience needed for success in a low-risk environment. The goal is still to level up and take advantage of bulk ordering via wholesale or developing your own brand and products. But instead of taking an elevator to these levels, you’ll work your way up to them, gaining the experience, knowledge, and capital you need to reliably pull them off. It’s a much less stressful process than the alternative.

Our Challenge Will Help You Achieve Results

The reason you should enroll in our Challenge is simple - we’re going to help you achieve real results over a short, 30-day period. 

Instead of distracting you with a bunch of big picture problems to deal with to give you an illusion of progress, we’re going to help you live the “Sell Something First” philosophy and focus on the next most important action at any given moment.

The main goal is to sell at least $250 in the 30 day period - but that doesn’t mean you have to stop there. Our top performers sell well into the 4 figures. And the strategies we teach are the foundation of the 7 figures in arbitrage sales we do in my business each year.

When you sign up for the Challenge, here are some of the skills and results you can expect to develop or achieve over the 30 day program:

  • Sell $250+ in 30 days.
  • Create the accounts you WANT on marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Facebook, and others.
  • Learn the nuances of each marketplace and why you may want to choose one over another.
  • Learn the rules of each marketplace and avoid costly errors that could cost you your business.
  • How to create a GOOD ad from scratch.
  • How to negotiate better prices as a buyer.
  • How to negotiate better prices as a seller.
  • How to identify profitable products.
  • The importance of keeping up on trends and seasonality.
  • Principles of Success
  • Speed/Time
  • Reinvestment
  • Balance
  • Delegation
  • “Always be Selling”

These form the building blocks you’ll need over the coming months to scale your business to greater earnings. 

While $250 might not seem like a lot to you right now, you would be surprised how quickly you can turn that into more if you follow our reinvestment recommendations (which you’ll learn more about when you enroll!).

$250 may seem big or small to you, but if you are a new seller or one that doesn’t feel like they are moving in the right direction, we can assure you that it is everything. $250 earned through applying the skills and principles learned in this challenge are the foundation you’ll need for the business you want to build over the next year.

And if you want to sell more, aim higher.

How much time will this take?

We recommend setting aside no less than 5 hours a week in the beginning. 10+ is better. As you scale and want to get closer to replacing your job, the number of hours you will need to invest will peak. For me, this meant quitting my job to focus on the business full time. Over time, I was then able to outsource more and more of the business to free my time for other things. My business now requires less time from me than ever before.

If you are unsure where to come up with this time, we recommend considering the following options:

  • Commit to working on your business instead of watching TV.
  • No social media.
  • Get up an hour earlier than usual.
  • Find your “junk” time and cut it.

At the end of the day, you will have to sacrifice time you are already spending to start your business. 10 hours is a very small amount of time compared to what it takes to get most businesses off the ground.

What if I don’t have the money?

We’ve designed this Challenge to be extremely affordable and accessible to everyone.

When we offered it live, we charged $99. You will get access to all the same lessons, but we've discounted it by over 70%! You can get started right now for just $29.

If you don't have $29 to invest, you should be able to make it by selling 1 or 2 things you already own. It's as simple as getting them up on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist.

If you aren't capable of raising the $29 by selling a couple things, there's a good chance this isn't the right plan for you anyway.

If you need help figuring this out or have additional questions, please reach out to [email protected].

Not satisfied? It’s on us!

We’re committed to seeing you be successful. To prove that, we’re putting our time and money on the line. If you join this Challenge and aren't satisfied, let us know within 30 days of enrolling and we'll give you 100% of your money back with no questions asked.